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5 Ways We’re Using Our Cashew Milks Everyday

We currently have 5 different amazing cashew milks to try at our locations, and we’re not bragging or anything - but one of them is blue! Just saying. Our creamy, dreamy milks are "activated" to make the nutrients in the cashews more accessible. They're a great source of plant-based protein and packed with superfoods to help you feel your best. If that’s not enticing enough, did you know there’s plenty of ways to use cashew milks other than just chugging them? Here’s some ideas to help you explore cashew milks.

 1. Sauces                                                 

Cashew milk is an incredible base for sauces. Our Turmeric Cashew milk could be used as a tasty sauce in your favorite Buddha bowl. Accomplish this by pan roasting your favorite vegetables and ingredients then set to the side. Next heat the cashew milk in a sauce pan and add a little nutritional yeast. Then combine with your vegetables and voilà! You have achieved you extra flavor, protein, and flare!

 2.  Creamer                                                    

One of the cashew milk mashups of all time is already available to you at GH! Coffee is one of the most chemically treated, acidic crops on the planet. In this dairy-free latte, we use cold brew from local, award-winning roaster, Lone Oak Coffee. We prepare it into a much cleaner, more alkaline version of the morning drink we're so fond of -- paired with our handmade vanilla cashew milk and raw coconut sugar.  However, you can mix your favorite coffee (hot or cold) with any of our cashew milks for an elevated coffee experience. Our chocolate peppermint cashew would pair nicely with a medium roast for a wintery treat!

 3.  Granola + Cashew Milk = Best Cereal Ever

 We use the best of the best ingredients for our top-of-the-line granola, resulting in a taste that can't be matched. Without refined sugars or preservatives, it's as easy on your body as it is on your tastebuds.  If you’re a nut lover, here’s a pro tip: add our nutty granola to a bowl and top it off with our cashew chai milk! Then, go nuts! 

 4. Smoothies                                                  

Nut milks are extremely versatile and when combined with the also versatile smoothie, the possibilities are truly endless.  A real treat is always when a smoothie has some chocolate in it!  Our recommendation is to take your favorite frozen berries and throw them in you blender with our chocolate cashew milk. Even better - you can justify this treat literally anytime of the day from breakfast to after dinner dessert.  For even more fun throw your smoothie in a bowl with some of your favorite fresh fruit and toppings!

 5.  Soup                                                    

Cashew milk is the perfect ingredient for all kinds of soups. It’s creamy and can even read cheesy by adding some nutritional yeast. At GH we use cashew cream in our Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup! The soup is made with mushrooms sourced from local farms and house-made cashew cream for that perfect cozy, autumn soup. Our soups are made fresh daily, and are best consumed within five days. Heat over medium heat until warm. Pour into your favorite bowl and enjoy.

If you are ready to explore with cashew milks, try our cashew milk pack! It includes all of our cashew milks in one pack for easy ordering!

The pack includes: 1 Chocolate Cashew, 1 Coconut Majik Milk, 1 Cashew Chai, 1 Cold Brew Latte, and 1 Turmeric Cashew.  

Remember you deserve to feel good!