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Immune Boosting Juices heading into flu season

It’s that time of year…leaves falling, pumpkin spice everything, firepits, and sweater weather.  Fall is amazing for many reasons, but it’s also the time to start considering the upcoming flu season, and how to boost your natural immunity to keep you feeling your best.  Greenheart produces nutrient dense, cold-pressed juices that offer a variety of health benefits, including supporting your immune system.  As always, all plant based, with no added sugar.  So let’s take a look at which of our juices are best suited for boosting your immunity:

Sassy Sunshine 

Packed with Vitamin C & anti-inflammatory ingredients (ginger, turmeric, cayenne)


Liquid Gold 

Bromelain (from the pineapple) increases the absorption and anti-inflammatory effects from Curcumin (from the turmeric), leaving you feeling like gold.

Forever Young

This ultra-hydrating mix of pineapple, cucumber, coconut water and aloe heals from the inside out.

Immunity Boost

Say no more! This potent pair (lemon & ginger) provide you with a powerful amount of Vitamin C, as well as support for the respiratory system. 


And welcome to two of our newer juices, which also have powerful immune benefits: 


Pink Pomelo 

Grapefruits hefty doses of Vitamin A and C are powerful immune boosters. With the combination of Pear, Mint, and Lime, this well balanced juice is sure to awaken not only your tastebuds but fire up your digestive system and metabolism.

Green Heat

Earthy, savory, and a little spicy, Green Heat is packed with mostly leafy greens.  Jalapeños contain a compound known as capsaicin, which prevents bacterial growth, and fights the common cold through its antioxidants.


Want to make it easy?  Shop our Immunity Pack which includes an Immunity boost, Sassy Sunshine, Liquid Gold and Forever Young.  Available on our website or at any Greenheart Juice Bar & Cafe.    


So how do we drink our immunity juices?  Our founder Alicia’s husband takes a straight Immunity Boost shot first thing in the morning when he wakes up.  Our marketing manager makes Sassy Sunshine part of her morning ritual (will it get replaced with Green Heat?!).  Our head of marketing loves Liquid Gold as an afternoon pick me up, with an Immunity Boost shot mixed right in.  No matter which way you take them, you can feel good that your boosting your natural defenses with key ingredients for immunity.  Your body will thank you!