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Walk It Out

After a meal, you can be left feeling full and bloated. People try supplements, teas, and different methods to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling.  However, the truly best method to eliminate that stuffed feeling after a meal is to walk it out.


When you choose to walk it out after a meal you may be speeding up digestion. Walking supports this by speeding up the process by which your food is broken down and used. This leads to faster digestion and reduced bloating. So, by moving your body, you're helping things move within your body as you process the food you just ate. Walking for just 10 minutes after a meal can speed up the digestion process by up to 20%!

Heart Health

Walking increases your heart rate and can improve heart health. Daily walks can reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Furthermore, it moves the blood through your veins at a less sluggish pace which increases oxygenation.  Improved oxygenation is key to decreasing plaque build-up preventing stroke and heart attack risk.

Develop Better Habits

Walking right after a meal can help you develop more healthy habits.  For instance, after going on a walk, a common craving is a big glass of water.  The activity also can make you more activity prone in general.  If you walk daily the idea of a yoga class or lifting some weight may not be as daunting.

Want a strong finish to the walk you just took? We recommend ending with our Summer Crush! This Watermelon based drink is a classic summertime favorite filled with that juicy red fruit we all love. Watermelon contains Lycopene, an antioxidant known to protect your heart, and Citrulline, an amino acid that improves blood flow and relaxes blood vessels. This drink is the perfect ending to some mild cardio and will further aid all the benefits of a good walk.

You deserve to feel good! At Greenheart our goal is to produce rich nutritious cashew milks and cold-press juices that will support a healthy lifestyle. Visit any of our locations to stock up on amazing beverages and healthy snacks!