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What’s For Lunch

At Greenheart we have everything you need for a rounded meal for lunch in the DC/VA area. With salads, soups, snacks, and sweets, what we offer is sure to hit every note of your pallet.  Specifically, our salads are designed to nourish you and leave you feeling full - but not bloated.  We have four different salads with flavors that range from a variety of cultural palettes.  All of our salads are made fresh in store daily, so you can even keep them in your fridge for a couple days!


A romaine base topped with taco "meat," zesty pico, pickled radish, black beans, and corn, drizzled with a cashew avocado crema.  This salad is actually meat and dairy-free making it a friendly option for all foodie types.  The meat is walnut based and the dressing is made from cashews!    The pickled radish is they star of this salad offing a bright and sour crunch that is the metaphorical cherry on top…or is that the fresh squeezed lime?  


A hearty (you guessed it!) kale base, tossed with vegan caesar dressing and topped with crispy chickpeas.  The crispy chickpeas are the special something anointing this salad.  They are almost like a little complimentary snack seasoned with red pepper and liquid amino acids from fermented coconuts.  To go above and beyond this salad is alohas a good covering of hemp seeds for a seedy crunch that add complexity and nutrition to the salad.


The Radiant Greens salad offers a clean, green salad with an arugula, spring mix base, tossed with a lemon EVOO dressing and topped with hemp seed crusted avocado.  This big boy comes with half of a whole avocado encrusted with hemp seeds.  However, the Dijon dressing is what leaves people talking.  The dress is a top secret blend of olive oil, lemon, dijon mustard, garlic, Himalayan pink salt, and black pepper.  This salad is so well-balanced in flavor it will leave you thinking you can walk on stilts!


A blend of asian-inspired vegetables, tossed with a tahini Pad Thai dressing, and topped with edamame, cilantro and lime.  Variations of Pad Thai are #trending in the foodie world right now, and our adaptation has come to make its mark.  In this salad, the tahini dressing that you get to pour over your hearty chopped vegetables that will wake up your pallet!  Tahini is a rich sesame seed butter that can promote liver and kidney function.  If you approach food as fuel and medicine, this should be your go-to lunch.  If you approach food as a tasty experience to elevate your mood, this should also be your go-to lunch.

Savor The Flavor  

With so much range of flavor, these salads are anything but boring and sure to hit the spot.  Even better, they have been crafted with intentionality to keep you fueled and feeling your best self.  You can even pair them with one of our soups or round off your meal with a smooth juice from our wide selection of cold-pressed juices in the VA/DC area.